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22-year old Enoch Nyarko shines as Sports Director

22-year old Enoch Nyarko shines as Sports Director

Enoch Nyarko, a 22-year old student and golfer continues to churn out awesome results as acting Sports Director of the Ghana MiniGolf Federation.

Since his appointment to the revered position in 2016 by Mr. Talal Fatal (President of the Ghana Minigolf Federation), Enoch has been steadfast in his approach to providing outstanding sports leadership for the Federation.

The young golf prodigy, with absolute sense of direction speaks to TheGolfer Online about how he has so far fared on the job.

“It has been an eye opener for me.” He said, adding, “I appreciate the confidence Mr. Talal Fatal had in me with such a vital position at the Federation.”

Enoch’s duty as acting Sports Director at the Federation, among other things, is to assist new and old players to pick up the game by teaching and practicing with them.

He is also tasked with the duty to ensure that minigolfers learn the game as well as educate guests about the intrinsic features of mini golf.  

“It is a rewarding experience for me to assist people in the game and help create champions who represent the country.” He noted.

Indeed, Enoch recently trained the participants at the just ended Coca-Cola Open African MiniGolf Championship. The event produced four champions for the World Top 100 Minigolfers Championship that takes place later in October in Las Vagas.

To Enoch, producing champions from Africa to the world stage is just a minor part of the big picture.

“My overall  expectation is to help the Federation to promote MiniGolf, to get people to love the game and to make the game a great one.”

His desire for the game is pleasantly in tune with that of Mr. Talal Fatal, who has noted in the past that; “Our plan is to weave the sport of MiniGolf into the fabric of the Ghanaian society.”  

Enoch is not new to achieving great feats. He has many accolades to his name within the golf fraternity. Francesca Apeagyei, Secretary General of the Federation described him as a “super star player”.

Enoch Nyarko certainly displays five-star performances and continues to grace the front pages with major victories at top notch golf events.

These include MTN Asantehene Championship, Tigo Tema Golf Open, Ghana Juniors Open Championship, Ladies Open Championship, Ghana Open Championship and several others.

Currently in school at the Kumasi Technical  University where he’s studying Computer Science, Enoch aspires to further enroll in a Professional Golf College enroute to his plans to become a pro golfer.


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