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A swing into activities of Ace It Foundation

A swing into activities of Ace It Foundation

Ace It Foundation (AIF) is a registered NGO based in Gomoa-Fetteh in the Central Region of Ghana. Their mission is to empower young people through education and sports.  

Now into their fourth year the future is looking bright.

For their core program, AIF delivers one hour of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) activities paired with one hour of learning golf to its participants.  

The STEAM activities range from vocabulary development to building bridges out of plastic straws.

As there are no golf courses in Gomoa-Fetteh, AIF uses modified golf equipment which allows any open space to be used to teach basic fundamentals of the swing.

AIF participants get the opportunity to travel to Accra to play on actual golf courses and become acquainted with the formal game.  

Those who run the program believe that sports in general and golf in particular are great tools for building positive character in the youth.  

They are also strong believers that education is a key which can unlock many doors.

To learn more about AIF visit their website or follow Ace It Foundation on Facebook and Twitter.


Source: Ace It Foundation


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