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Beginners Guide to Golf – Afia Konadu breaks down the process

Beginners Guide to Golf – Afia Konadu breaks down the process

Golf is the greatest game in the world, just ask any golfer. You certainly don’t have to be a good golfer to enjoy the game of golf.

All you need is a good idea of the basic swinging techniques, rules and etiquette. From  experience I realized many people would love to play golf but don’t know how to go about it and see it rather as a game not open to all.

The first step and best way to learn golf is to a visit a course near you and make enquires.

A professional is always available to take you through the basic things you would need to enable you start your first ever golf lesson.

Trust me your first golf lesson is the most fun part as you are all geared and eager to learn and boast to your friends about it.

As you continue practicing at the range you will notice that your base of golf knowledge quickly expands, and you begin to feel prepared to go on the course to see what really happens there and to practice your swings as well.

Don’t worry about anyone else at the range as everyone there was once a beginner too and we all know the game is a struggle in the beginning.  No one is judging you.

Reading about golf, watching golf programmes on TV and gaining experience on the course will make you more comfortable and relaxed about all areas of this great game before you know it.


By Afia Konadu Agyepong

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