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It’s time to invest in a Golf Practice Net

It’s time to invest in a Golf Practice Net

In the golfing world, practice is king. Nowadays, not everybody has time to go to the driving range and brush up on their ball striking skills. With the advent of new net technology, golfers can practice their game from the comfort of their own backyard using just a golf mat, your golf clubs and a golf net. Golf nets let you groove the muscle memory your swing needs so that you can repeat it when you’re on the golf course.

The greatest golfers in the world have always used practice to hone their abilities and develop their natural talent. These days, the amateur can use the same technology professional golfers use to improve their own swing too. The only problem today is that finding a high-quality golf net can be difficult with so many variations to choose from. Size, shape, color, durability, price, etc. are all factors that go into the purchasing of a quality golf net.

Below are some guides to the top golf nets on the market today;

  1. Net Return

The Net Return is a top-of-the-line golf net. This net is one of the only nets on the market that guarantees it will return the ball to where you hit it from. This is extremely unique and the fact that you now only need one golf ball to practice for thousands of shots, is incredible.

This company backs up their net with great customer service. Built in the USA, these nets are made to last. Although, a hitting mat is not included, when you find the perfect mat it will create a great synergy. Some competitors are built from low quality materials and are difficult to practice in, not the Net Return. The net return can handle golf ball speeds up to 200 miles an hour.

If you’re a real seasoned golfer this net will let you know if you are either drawing or slicing the golf ball in real time. No other device on the market will give you real-time feedback like this. As far as a high-end golf hitting net goes, this net is highly recommended to you. The Net Return is considered an industry leader in golf net options. If you are looking for the best of the best, this may be the net you are looking for.

Net Return

2. Dura Pro Golf Velocity

The Dura-Pro velocity golf net is the granddaddy of all golf nets. This net resembles a batting cage and a WWE wrestling cage mixed together. When you hit golf balls in this golf net you will be totally in the zone. The biggest benefit of using a net this large is that you will never have to worry about shanks or miss hits wandering off and causing damage to any property.

This enormous golf net features dual layer netting technology. This net has one layer for high velocity golf shots and then another layer to softly catch and absorb the impact and speed of the golf ball. With this redundancy you can rest assured that no one will ever get harmed and you will never cause any damage to property around you. This golf net is only for the very serious golfer.

This golf net is for people who want a workstation, somewhere they can really devote a large amount of their time to improving their game.

Dura Pro Golf Velocity


Pro Advanced Pro Return

This is the ultimate settlement net. By that, this net is the ultimate settlement. I mean that this is the go-to net if you can’t settle on what features you really want. If all you’re looking for is overall excellence and quality then you should consider this product seriously.

This net comes with walk-throughs and instructions and couldn’t be any easier to use. The most impressive feature of this net is the patented net configuration that is unique to this product. The design and versatility of this net makes it a top choice for somebody who doesn’t want to commit to a single set of benefits that other nets offer, and instead, prefers all the benefits. The Pro Advanced Pro return X2 golf net is the perfect choice for anyone who is indecisive when it comes to what golf net they are interested in buying.

Article culled from The Golf Spy 

If you are interested in acquiring any of these top rated golf practice nets, please send us an email on or call us on +1952.288.6574 and we shall arrange to purchase it and ship it from the US to you (Any location in Ghana) within 7 weeks. 

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