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Tema – Tafo Matchplay ends in a tie

Tema – Tafo Matchplay ends in a tie

The Republic Day Matchplay between the Tema Country Golf Club and Tafo Golf Club ended in a draw with both teams scoring 14.5points apiece. The one-day event came off at the Tema Country Golf Club.

The golf club prides itself with lush fairways, pulsating greens and magnificent views and to many of the golfers that participated in the event, it was a terrific way to spend the Republic Day holiday.

Speaking to the Acting Manager of the Tema Country Golf Club, John Wartemberg, he intimated that his club met a considerably stiff opposition from the Tafo contingent and they proved difficult to surpass.

“The game was well played and tough, Tema thought they could have a walk over but met a stiff competition from Tafo.” He said, adding “it’s a draw and everyone is happy.”

He continued that the return match is tentatively earmarked for November at the Tafo Golf Club. As a running trophy competition, the trophy will eventually go to the winning club.

Tema, according to Wartemberg, is poised to train more between now and November to capture the trophy.

Either team is yet to win the trophy and it appears both teams will have to field the finest and a tougher team to deliver the expectant win.

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