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At the end of The Coca-Cola minigolf Clubs Competition Match Day 5, Five Minigolf Clubs qualified comfortably for the Finals.

Golden Putters closed at 39 points, Forbes at 28 points, Power at 28 points, Black Putters at 27 points and Nutterz Putterz at 25 points.

The 6th slot to qualify for the Finals was a tie between Kama & Sky Clubs both having 22 points on the League table.

This ignited some drama going all the way to the last match of the day between Kama & Nutterz Putterz which even though Kama lost, they still snatched last top 6 Finals slot from sky club on score difference of lower total 1358 to 1404 against that of Sky Club.

Matchday 5 prize winners were Luvick Otoka & Ruben Minko of Kama Club who won the lowest score of 35 for the day and lowest Pairs Scored respectively.

As the league advances to its final stages, intense momentum swiftly is building up among Africa’s top Minigolf Clubs with Golden Putters favorites to win the title though it could be for grabs by one of the 5 other minigolf clubs.

At the Finals this Sunday, all scores, holes-in-one to this point will be scrapped, and the Top 6 clubs will each choose their best 3 players, play other clubs best selected 3 players in one minigolf round of 18 holes.

In the end, the best score of 2 clubs from the 6 clubs, will then face off each other in a final 2nd round of 18 holes challenge, to declare champion club.

Holes-in-one will not be used in case of same scores, but rather the two clubs will play off three holes 16-17-18 and if still same scores, then they play FIRING SQUAD on Hole 18; that’s is keep putting hole -18 till one team lose by worst total score.

In an interview with the Forbes Team Captain Ibrahim Usunaba, he said “Forbes Minigolf Club has one purpose only; to win the Coca-Cola 2018 Minigolf Clubs Competition because we are the best’.

But the truth is that, it could be any of the TOP 6 clubs that will carry the day including power, black putters, kama and Nutterz Putterz.

The finals will feature Nutterz Putterz vrs Forbes, Kama vrs Golden Putters, Power vrs Black Putters at Ridge Sports City.

So far, the League has run smoothly with GMF enforcing its  campaign for fair-play by installing camera equipment, digital score card systems all around the course.


Source: Ghana MiniGolf Federation


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