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VIP Premium Service provides luxury without pretense

VIP Premium Service provides luxury without pretense

VIP Premium Service takes you to exciting destinations and cities that host some of the beautiful golf courses in Ghana. In the coming days leading to the Stanbic-Otumfuo Invitational Golf, VIP Premium Service will be on the road getting patrons of the most celebrated outdoor sporting event to the Garden City, home of the magnificent Royal Golf Club.

With its storied history of A-Class golfers from around the country and beyond, the 2018 Stanbic-Otumfuo Invitational Golf Tournament is poised to deliver a seamless golfing event to keep to its enviable tradition over the years.

As a company based also in the Garden City, Kumasi, VIP Premium Service is proud to offer premium transportation to the many golfers and patrons to and from Kumasi. As an outstanding transport company, the business of VIP Premium Service is all about connections. That means, seamlessly connecting their customers to their destinations via their hubs in Accra near the Airport Shell, Kumasi near KFC, Takoradi and the rest.

No one does this better; that’s why VIP Premium Service is an organic fit for such big events. The company is well fueled literally to provide smooth, comfortable and first-class transport services to their riders. Riding in a state of the art, classy, futuristic, spacious and the luxurious VIP Premium is what every golfer and their guests need to an event as phenomenal as the Stanbic-Otumfuo Invitational Golf Tournament.



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