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Dick will rise again after painful exit

Dick will rise again after painful exit

Vivian receives a trophy for placing second in the Ladies Category of the Stanbic – Otumfuo Invitational Golf Tournament

Vivian Dick is determined to put her painful and near-to-glory exit from the recent Stanbic – Otumfuo Invitational behind her, as she now focuses on how to turn her game around.

Vivian, ended her first-round campaign sitting atop the leaderboard with 33 points in the Ladies Competition Scratch Score. She was trailed by the eventual winner, Felicity Okyei-Gyeabour, who finished off her first round with 31 points.

Going into the second round, Vivian was expectant of a good game, but was also anxious of how events could turn out otherwise. This tendency somehow affected her game when she played alongside Felicity.

“I believe I was too careful and didn’t want to make mistakes”. Vivian recounted of her game. She continued, “I wanted to win so bad, and I didn’t allow myself to fully manage the game and enjoy it.” She added.

Most of her putting took a nose-dive as she struggled with a good number of holes and her earlier fear of not making mistakes rather rolled out streaks of mistakes. At this point, she knew her hopes of winning was rather short-lived and tagged along as the lady she admires greatly in golf; Felicity, took charge of the game and eventually emerged winner.

“I truly admire Felicity for her consistency, it was a privilege to be in the same group with her, I have learnt a lot just playing alongside her.” She confided, adding, “I hope to translate the experience from this tournament into some good lessons as I prepare for the Vodafone – Asantehene Golf Cup which comes off in May ending”.

Vivian, currently with handicap 17, occupied the second position in the Ladies category and unlike most golfers who complained of the wet course on Saturday, she believes such courses bring out the best in her. “I mostly do well on a wet course, I know my strength just playing such courses.” She observed.

Vivian Dick, in the telephone interview with TheGolfer Online, added her voice to the call for other ladies and everyone for that matter to join the game. She said the benefits she has gained from playing golf for the past nine years are enormous and encouraged everyone to join a golf club to enjoy the many benefits that come with playing golf.

She asserted that golf is neither a game for the rich, the lazy nor for old men. “It’s everyone’s game.”, she said as she tried to shred those popular myths about golf.  

Tiger Woods after all made his first shot when he could barely walk.  


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