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Tiger Woods EX Reveals New Details

Tiger Woods EX Reveals New Details

The relationship that Tiger had with Elin Nordegren was perhaps the most “serious” relationship out of all of these girls – especially when you consider the fact that the two got married, shortly after she was introduced to him by Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik.

Still, although he was obviously smitten with this Swedish model, it didn’t stop him from cheating on her with a handful of other women, something that certainly took a lot of people by surprise, and ended their marriage.

Although divorces can certainly be rough, as a consolation Elin’s legal team was able to procure for her a gargantuan amount of $750 million from the split. She used some of that money to buy a $12 million mansion in Florida, one that had been built back in the 1920s. Of course, she decided to have it demolished and built from scratch, due to new hurricane safety code regulations. Perhaps when you have the adequate funds to pull that off, it certainly is worth it.

The story of how Tiger Woods got together with adult film actress Holly Sampson is an interesting one. It was his birthday, and his close friends decided to throw him a rowdy bash. Holly herself actually recounted the story herself to the public, saying that she’d been hired as entertainment, and that she’d brought along a couple of friends as well. She concluded the story, saying that the night ended with her and Tiger getting together intimately, and that throughout it all he “couldn’t stop smiling.”

Tiger Woods has been with a notable amount of stunners, but this young woman certainly takes the cake. An Italian model hailing from Sicily, we first heard about Tiger’s relationship with her when it was revealed by Michelle Braun, who incidentally was another woman Tiger was with. According to Braun, Loredana Jolie was one of Tiger’s favorite girls that he’d be with. Why or how she knew this information is a mystery, but it’s still interesting and informative.

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